Sunday, October 30, 2011


Girl With One Eye Ringtone heard playing.  Phone is answered.
Jeanette:  "Hey, Tara?"
Myself(Penny):  "No."
J:  "******, good.  We're in Hope.  Where the fuck are you guys?  Tara's on IM but she's not answering."
P:  "She's busy."
J:  "Okay.  Where are you?"
P:  "I don't think you want to come here right now."
J:  "What?  Why not?"
P:  "Your friend is a whore."
J:  "WHAT?"
P:  "She's a strumpet.  A woman of loose moral character."
P:  "She is the slut.  It's her."
J:  "******, what the fuck are you talking about?"
P:  "Exactly."
J:  "Just fucking tell me what's going on."
P:  "Fucking is what's going on.  Specifically, Peter is making a woman out of Tara."
A half minute of silence
P:  "Are you still there?"
J:  "That's bullshit."
P:  "Unfortunately not.  They're in the room next door.  I think they're going to be at it for a while."
J:  "Tara wouldn't..."
P:  "Tara is.  She is right now.  I have good ears.  So you might not want to come by."
J:  "Bullshit I don't.  Where the fuck are you?"
Chelsea:  (background)  "What's going on?"
P:  "You really should tell her."
J:  "Shut the fuck up."
P:  "Hey, look on the bright side.  Now that you know the love of your life loves the cock, maybe you can give my sister a chance."
J:  (on the border of enraged)  "Are you trying to make me punch you when we meet?"
P:  "If punching a blind depressed girl will make you feel better, by all means."
J:  "Okay, what-the-fuck-ever.  We're going to go to a motel or a restaurant or something.  Call us when you want to act like a fucking adult."
P:  "A motel?  Taking me up on my advice?"
The phone is hung up on the other end.

Nothing like a little trolling to make oneself feel better.

Oh jesus they're still at it.


  1. Tara, if you read this . . .

    You're a fucking idiot. That is PETER RIVERS you're fucking. Peter "servant of the fears" Rivers. Aside from the obvious problems of screwing him what twisted STD's might the Plague Doctor have given him to spread?

  2. She's horny and dumb, but I'm pretty sure he's wearing a condom.

    I understand why she's doing this. They're both feeling emotional right now--he's fighting against his other half and she's experiencing death, not just the dead, first hand. I assume they're both reasonably attractive. As Dia once said, it's what people do in this situation.

    Doesn't make it smart, but it's understandable. Fucking teenagers.

    She's still an ugly whore who I hate, but I get why she's being dumb.

  3. It's amazing what I nearly miss.

    Go Peter.

    I'd say it's a far better idea to screw the human half than the servant of the Fears. Because, believe it or not, they ARE different.

    What makes it hilarious is that the evil!Peter is really just a protection of the other, a defense made by the mind because of the Fears toying.

    Oh lord. Thank you for this trolling. I damn near missed this wonderful anecdote.