Friday, September 30, 2011

A Moment of Lucidity

It's so embarrassing to have to rely on someone else to perform basic tasks of living.  At least I have my Page.  I would hate to rely on a stranger.  To have someone I didn't know, didn't trust, and couldn't see, loose in my private living space.

The nurse came by today to look at my eye sockets.  See how they're healing up.  The glass inside is still foreign to me, the alien pressure still itchy inside my head.  Swords probably knows what I'm talking about.  I wish I didn't need to have them in, but I'd rather the sockets don't collapse.

The burns are healing well.  My parents are looking into donors, but I doubt it will come of anything.  I'm fairly certain even if by some miracle I received intact, working eyes, the Lovers would take them again.  At any rate, it's looking like I'll make as much of a recovery as I can given the circumstances.

It goes without saying, but I really miss being able to see.  The only time I do anymore is in my dreams, where I'm speaking to a one-eyed goth cowgirl in some sort of train station.  I wish I could type these up myself, without relying on my Page (that's Penny-speak for little sister).  I hope she's typing what I want.  She's loyal but she can be, well, a little sister at times.
I hope Swords is alright.  This might sound strange for you to hear, especially you, but I do.  I think we could have been friends in another world, another time.  Now I'm not sure what we are.  I know that antagonizing her keeps my Page safe. In the end that's all that matters.

I'm sorry, Swords Jeanette.  I really am.  This story won't end happily for either of us.  I'm not sure how I know that, but I do.  Just take solace in the fact that it ends worse for me, and live your life as best you can. Smile for once.  Have fun.  Please.  Fate may have dealt you a bad hand but, in the end, the cards aren't foolproof.  Fate's gears won't grind against you if you decide to pull yourself from them for a while.

Speaking of cards:

The Lovers is moving into conflict with The Devil, with The Queen of Swords caught in the middle.  Be careful.

I think I'm backsliding a bit.  Oh well.  It was nice being sane while it lasted.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


You're all under the impression that I am working for one side or another, so I will say this plainly:

I am not on the Lovers' side.

You are all under the impression that I know more than I have said:

This is true.  But not how you think.  Some truths are better if discovered, and she's so close.  I keep hinting, but she needs to realize it on her own.

I am the Queen of Cups.  Virtuous, warm hearted, treacherous, manipulative.

She is the Queen of Swords.  Powerful, intelligent, isolated, depressed.

And the other is the Queen of Pentacles.  Wise, motherly, irresponsible, passive.

I'm not here to threaten.  I'm not in cahoots.  But I am the White Queen.  Just as Swords is the Black Queen. But neither of us had a choice, not really.

He has decided for us.

But what role does the White Queen play?  Does that piece just sit there?  Waiting?

No, my friends.  The goal of the White Queen is simple.

Capture the Black Queen.

I am doomed to fail, however.  Which is, I believe the point.  The game is not entertaining otherwise.  Because, my friends, my dear, dear friends, I have a handicap.

The Lovers claimed one of the Queen of Spades' eyes.

He has claimed both of Hearts'.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Most Important Rule

All rules are subject to change without warning.  New rules may be added without warning.

This is the Most Important Rule.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mistrust Moi?

Why would anyone question my intentions?  I'm just an innocent little butterfly knife

Friday, September 9, 2011

Vision Is Distressing

The Fool in conflict
The Lovers pushes forward
Blade Queen in between

The readings do not lie, though.

Watch out.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Basic Rules

The White King can move to any space.  It can capture any pawn at any time.

However, the White  King must spend several turns in preparation to capture a piece completely.

The Black Queen must realize the game is taking place.  The Black Queen can move one space per turn.

If the Black Queen captures the White King, the game is over and the pawn is free.  This is a draw.

If the White King claims every pawn, he can begin to claim the Black King.

If the Black King is claimed, the Black side loses, and the Black Queen is considered captured.

The White side cannot lose.

This is the Most Important Rule.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And, Thus

Oh good.

She's finally showing us the point at which she takes her place on the board.


I dreamt I was out of breath.  I dreamt of something tight around my neck.

I dreamt of an empty face staring through me as my breath left me.

I dreamt of struggling, of reaching for a weapon.

I dreamt of it availing me not.

Then, a crash.  I woke, blackness begetting blackness.

I wonder whose dream that was?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Setting Up The Board

To play you will need one Black Queen, one Black King, one White Queen, and one White King and a number of Black and White Pawns to be decided by the White Player.

White will always go first.

If you do not have a Black Queen, a Black Knight will do.  If you do not have a White Queen, a White Bishop will do.  If you do not have a Black King, a Black Bishop will do.

The White King must always be the White King.

White will always go first.  Black cannot act before White.

This is the Most Important Rule.