Wednesday, September 28, 2011


You're all under the impression that I am working for one side or another, so I will say this plainly:

I am not on the Lovers' side.

You are all under the impression that I know more than I have said:

This is true.  But not how you think.  Some truths are better if discovered, and she's so close.  I keep hinting, but she needs to realize it on her own.

I am the Queen of Cups.  Virtuous, warm hearted, treacherous, manipulative.

She is the Queen of Swords.  Powerful, intelligent, isolated, depressed.

And the other is the Queen of Pentacles.  Wise, motherly, irresponsible, passive.

I'm not here to threaten.  I'm not in cahoots.  But I am the White Queen.  Just as Swords is the Black Queen. But neither of us had a choice, not really.

He has decided for us.

But what role does the White Queen play?  Does that piece just sit there?  Waiting?

No, my friends.  The goal of the White Queen is simple.

Capture the Black Queen.

I am doomed to fail, however.  Which is, I believe the point.  The game is not entertaining otherwise.  Because, my friends, my dear, dear friends, I have a handicap.

The Lovers claimed one of the Queen of Spades' eyes.

He has claimed both of Hearts'.


  1. What? You mean you aren't in CAHOOOOOOOOTS?!

  2. No, 8ut I do have many irons in the fire. How many? All the irons. All of them.

  3. Well, if you aren't working for the toothy little bastard, or any of his kind be they skinny and suited, feathered, damp, or whatever then I apologize for wishing Smiley would bring you some flowers. I still think Jeanette should hunt you down and punch you until you give her some straight answers. Cryptic bullshit isn't good for anyone's health especially a monster hunter.