Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Road Trip, Redux

This is fun.

And by fun I mean it's boring and Tara's musical taste is terrible and I just had her type that for me.  ((Your face is dumb and also you are dumb--Tara))

But she's nice.  We spend a lot of the time talking about the old days, back when we were dumb kids on a message board about a year ago, giving flesh to a personal nightmare of mine.

Jeanette is on her way, I think.  Infuriatingly, she has my Page with her.  I guess she's Chelsea Balisong now.  I guess I deserve it, though, for not stopping Tara.  Touche, Swords.

More if anything interesting happens.

ps.  It won't.  Not until we hit New Jersey.

Hope to see you all again soon. (heh heh)


  1. Hey Tara, since you're doing the typing around here go to Jeanette's blog and read my message to you before you and the crazy girl get your asses killed.

  2. I appreciate your concern, but I'll be fine. It's not like I've just been sitting around, not preparing myself since I almost got killed a few months ago.

    Despite what Jeanette seems to think, I'm not made of tissue paper.


  3. Actually Tara, to the Fears, you are made of tissue paper, and so is Penny, and so is Jeanette, and so am I. That's why whenever you can, you should always be sticking together instead of running off and trying to be some big damn hero when you're just going to drive someone insane and heartbroken by doing it.

  4. And that is exactly why I'm not crazy enough to hunt the big game. At least against the minions I stand a chance. Although that time I misidentified a Nest damn near got me killed. Sliced him nice and deep then the damn birds poured out and nearly pecked my face off.

    Make a note of that. Never go after a Nest with a knife. Something possessed by the Intrusion would probably be a similarly bad idea.