Friday, October 14, 2011

Note: When I Give A Warning About Major Arcana


So we went to a gas station, right?  Standard gas station.  Nothing special about it.

Then this squawking and chirping and cawing kicks up out of nowhere and I ask what it's about and Tara says, "Some kid is being attacked by birds!"

And then I heard the door open.

"Tara!  Tara, Wheel of Fortune!  Don't go near them!"

But I lost her.  Everything was silence for a while, and then someone who smelled like blood and grime got into the car, along with Tara, and the car peeled out just as I heard the cawing and angry chirping surround us.  Eventually, it faded as we drove.



The kid mumbled something about imaginary things.

"So, where can we take you?  What's your name?"  Tara asked, brushing off my rage.  I suddenly empathize with every headache we are giving Jeanette.

"I want to go home."  He said quietly.  "but I don't remember my name."

Whatever.  If he was in a flock of deathbirds, he's getting the Knight of Swords.

I have a feeling this just made things much more complicated.


  1. Check the kid for scars on his body that seem too old to be from the attack. Keep an eye on him even if he doesn't have the scars. I wouldn't put it past the Convocation to have staged an attack on a Nest in order to get him in with you.

    This is probably me being a paranoid son of a bitch, but it seems like too much of a coincidence, you being in the right place at the right time for Tara to rescue him.

  2. Shit shit shit shit shit!

    It's worse than I thought. It's a damn good thing I follow the rat bastards blog so I could warn you. It's Peter. You have Peter Rivers in your car.

    I know you two might not be able to bring yourselves to kill the son-of-a-bitch, especially after rescuing him, but even before he became Their thrall him and his merry little band managed to cause so much harm in their quest to fight the Fears. If you can't kill the bastard at least dump him by the side of the road. If he doesn't kill you himself or turn you over to Smiley or worse - well the Lonely Hearts Club hasn't seemed overly concerned about collateral damage and they want him bad.